Theatrical Costumes for Hire

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  Larger Than Life Stagewear» Terms & Conditions of Hire

Terms & Conditions of Hire

1. The Hirer(s) will be totally responsible for all costumes whilst in their custody or control and for any damage/loss sustained to the property and will insure all property accordingly. Such insurance to cover "All Risks" of physical loss and/or damage to property.

2. Full payment is required at the point of booking.

3. A deposit will be required in all instances. The amount of the deposit may vary depending on the value of the item hired. Refunds of deposit will be withheld if any items are lost or damaged.

4. Late returns will be considered an extension of the hire and will be charged at the weekly rate.

5. The Hirer must seek permission of Larger Than Life Stagewear if alterations are required. Costumes may only be altered if done by hand and not sewing machine. Altered costumes must be restored to their original condition before return. Any costume cut or damaged will be charged for at full replacement cost.

6. There will be no refund of payment should the term of hire be shorter than the term previously booked .

7. Costumes remain at all times the property of Larger Than Life Stagewear.

8. Costume hires arranged over the telephone or by letter without the hirer viewing them cannot be refunded - customers order them at their own risk.

9. If a booking is cancelled because the Hirer is dissatisfied for reasons beyond my control, or if the event is cancelled due to operating restrictions (eg Covid), I would give a refund.  However, in order to compensate me for my time in assembling, fitting and/or alterations undertaken, I would retain 20% of the overall hire charge. If the booking is cancelled because the costume did not fit, and it had been supplied or altered in accordance with measurements provided by the customer, I would not give a refund.


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