Theatrical Costumes for Hire

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Made to Measure Costumes

I have been  making  costumes  for  over 10 years and am now pleased  to offer  a custom-made  service  for good-quality  period  costumes  from the 18th  century until  the  1920s.  These  include  costumes for films, plays,  television  and  personal requirement  such as events, parties and special occasions.


I am passionate about  making people feel comfortable when wearing a costume and know how important it is for an actor to be confident in all aspects of a role.


Have a look at some of the costumes that I have made and if you see something you like, let me know. If you have a  particular costume or  something  special  in mind please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you.



Made to Measure Examples


18th cent waistcoat & breeches
18th cent jacket & waistcoat
Rehearsal skirt
Calico petticoat
Georgian coat
18th cent waistcoat
18th cent dress
Edwardian hat
Regency ball dress
Regency shirt
Regency waistcoat
Regency bonnet

These are just a few of the costumes I have specially made for customers.

For details of other styles , periods or examples please Email or Telephone - Please see the Contacts page.




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